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Surface Express

Avirise Express Logistics Pvt Ltd offers a complete range of express distribution services for small to mid-size businesses which gives you the flexibility to choose as per your business requirement. Whether it is door-to-door delivery of your packages or the need to send time sensitive cargo across India; its unmatched multimodal network, offers seamless connectivity by different modes to take your shipment down to the last mile. Surface express service offers customized value added services to meet customer’s requirements.

Air Express

Avirise Express Logistics Air Express services is designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s businesses, where reliability and time are of paramount importance. Air Express Service provides round the clock services and time sensitive express deliveries. Within Air Express Service network, deliveries are made in same day or 24 to 72 hours depending on distance. Strong relationship with all the major airlines and specialized infrastructure enables it to deliver in all major metros in 24hrs and Mini Metros and A class cities in 48hrs.

Rail Express

Avirise Express Logistics Pvt Ltd offers Rail cargo mode is cheaper and faster way to deliver your consignments, By Train you can deliver your material faster than the surface mode resulting in savings by avoiding air freight. We provide comprehensive range of Train Freight services to various locations in india These are cost effective services which we provide as per the convenience of the customers. We offer these services as per the given information by our valued clients.

Ocean Express

Ocean Freight is the most common form of transport for importers and exporters with more than 40 countries worldwide, including all of the world’s major seaports. Avirise Express Logistics employees are intimately familiar with all the local customs laws and regulations – saving you time and money, and ensuring your shipments reach their final destination safely.

Logistics Transporation

Logistics is the process of planning and executing the efficient transportation and storage of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

With our depth of industry experience and operational capabilities allow companies to focus on their core business and engage the expertise of a specialist to add value to their global supply chain needs.

Bike Express

Bike Express is a easy way to transport of small parcels & goods in local areas, Using 2 wheelers for delivery & pickup is one of easiest , efficient way now days. We at Avirise Express Logistics we provide our services for On demand courier pickup, Express local pickup & drop, Deliver food products, fashion accessories or fabric samples from your shop to customers etc.

Domestic Moving & Bike Parcel

Whether you are shipping your motorbike for a bike rally, holiday, relocation or a new bike purchase you need to use motorcycle transport services. you can leave us to the work we will do that with our experts. We deal with all kinds of motorcycle transport.

  • Open / Closed Auto Carriers with high security.
  • Damage free carriage.
  • Authorized, insured and licensed vehicle transport services.
  • Supervised packing & loading.
  • Economical pricing.